Thursday, March 20, 2014

Road Patch #2

Spent several days up in Michigan. This patch has a more coherent structure. All sound is produced by the Make Noise STO Module. Modulating the Shape can lend to an amazingly huge sound. Coupled with the Sub out... woh! Definitely my favorite module at the moment.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Road Patch

One constant with my day job is a lot of out-of-state travel. When I built my Eurorack, I wanted it to be portable and small enough to bring on a plane. It's basically broken into 2 racks. The main is a 2 Row 6U 104hp Monorocket case which has all of the sound source and modulation modules. The 2nd is a 1 Row 3U 104hp Monorocket which has all of the controls (sequencers and touch plates). I can carry the 2 Row on the plane and fit the 1 row in my checked luggage. Works out like a charm. I really like the idea that I can pack up a massively complex synth into a seat of a car and go!

Anyway, the idea is to record the hotel "sessions". I'd like to be able to get a number of usable tracks for a full length. At the least, have fun when I'm not at home working in the lab. Below is the 1st "song" I recorded one night in Omaha NE.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

PolyLAB Update 1/23/2014

List of things competed:

  • Prototype Case built
  • LFO, S&H, Globals PCB, Saw2Tri, Midi2CV, Power Supply & Transformer all mounted
  • Globals Panel Prototype built
  • MIDIpal LCD and Encoder installed and mounted to Globals Panel
To Do:
  • Wire it up!
I built a quick-and-dirty power buss board, but I did order a PCB.  Just waiting for that and 1 10k Pot for Voice 2 Resonance.  I ended up going with the Midimplant MIDI2CV with a MIDIpal for the dispatch to achieve poly.  The nice thing about the Midimplant is 1 board has 2 independent midi2cv's.  Each can be assigned a MIDI channel and have their own V/Oct & Gate.  Wish I had read the spec more clearly before I ordered a 2nd one.  Guess one can never have too many midid2cv's.

Hopefully 1 more month and the prototype will be complete!  Then, this spring I'll try my hand at bending aluminum.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Green Ambika

This one has 6 4P voicecards.  Custom green case made by Frank the Official Casemaker.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Video Series #5 added

Demo of a ShruthXT with the SVF (Midnight Edition) filter board.  The XT really helps unlock the beast within the SVF.  If you're not familiar with it, it is a dual 12db State Variable Filter, each with Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass.  They can be set up either in parallel or series, offering an amazing amount of modulation possibilities.  Truly an amazing and underrated filter.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Metal Cased Ambika

Latest Ambika build completion. White case by Adrian / Van Daal Electronics.  Official designer of the Shruthi metal cases.  The volume knob has been moved to the rear of the case (with a posh Cosmo knob).  Inside are 4 4P's, 1 SMR & 1 SVF Voicecards.  Also has a nice bezel for the LCD Display.  Really hate to see this one go.  The metal cases look absolutely stunning!